2017 Recap: Stefanie Black

Stefanie Black had an amazing 2017. She has built upon her previous success with her incredible voice being heard all around the world. Her new releases such as ‘Home For You’ and ‘Lie To Me’ are examples of just how special her music is, and she has a lot more to give in the next twelve months! We caught up with Stefanie to learn a bit more about her and explore why she had such a good year.

Hey Stefanie. After a long year, how are you feeling? And are you looking forward to the year ahead?

Hello! I'm feeling good. It was a long year, but so much happened, and it was pretty exciting. Definitely looking forward to everything that is planned for this year and everything that has yet to happen.

Tell us about what you got up to?

Last year I won several awards, like 2nd place in Germany for Best Musical Singer, and 1st Place for Germany's Best Singer. I flew to Merano, Italy, where I participated in the Alpen Grand Prix and won 3rd place for Best Schlager Singer. I wrote my first two songs, that were released in England. Also did a few shows and charity concerts, while working on my album, that was released in the beginning of 2018, and all while still going to University and working.

What were your own personal highlights/achievements?

My biggest highlight was definitely winning 1st place for Germany's Best Singer and getting my first solo album released in Germany. A lot of smaller things happened in the year as well, but those were definitely the most important to me.

Do you have a favourite song of yours from the last year?

My favourite song that I wrote is, Winter of my Soul. I love that song and am really proud of myself for writing it.

And what was your 2017 favourite music release overall?

There were so many good ones, I don't think I could choose just one. I liked a lot of Selena Gomez stuff, P!nk, and some stuff from a german singer called Helene Fischer.

What was your most important moment outside of music?

There probably isn't just one moment. But every moment when I am traveling and seeing new places of the world, is very important to me. I love experiencing new cultures and seeing new things.

What was your most enjoyable performance/show?

My most enjoyable performance, was probably, when I sang on a German talent show, and the head judge told me, that he loved my voice, and the audience gave me a standing ovation for 1 minute. I felt really proud.

Do you think 2018 is going to be even bigger and better for you?

I certainly hope that 2018 brings me a lot of success and that a few of my plans that I have in the works, work out!

Finally, what was your New Years resolution?

I have a whole list, but a few things on there are, for example, travelling to a few more places, writing some more songs, getting another album out this year, staying healthy, and so on.

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