Sir Ivan's 'Happy Together' remix pack is out now


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Sir Ivan has worked extensively to champion those who are usually discriminated against and his Peaceman Foundation have donated over $500,000 to various charities, including many LGBT charities, anti-bullying charities, and organizations that help those directly affected by violence, such as those who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In addition, Sir Ivan has spent well over a million dollars on producing songs and music videos that champion LGBT rights.

‘Happy Together’ was covered by Ivan over 11 years ago with the aim of inflicting joy and happiness on the world and with today’s climate, Ivan has brought the cover back in the style of 5 different remixes.

With 3 out of the 5 remixers having already worked with Ivan in the past on chart-topping releases, Ivan has taken great care in choosing those to appoint for remix duties. With the likes of Moto Blanco, Bimbo Jones, 7th Heaven, Ralphi Rosario and DJ’s From Mars all having their say on the track it’s clear that we can expect great things from every single one of these remixes, including radio, club and dub versions there’s something for everyone.

Listen to each of the remixes here:


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February 3, 2020 4:31am ET by Matt Caldwell PR  

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