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Matt Cardle on 'X Factor' ties: 'The best thing I've ever done was leave SyCo'

Singer Matt Cardle recently joined the cast of the West End musical Memphis and has now opened up about being taken seriously as a performer. 

Speaking to Digital Spy about his 'X Factor' beginnings, the star explained that people are always going to be wary of him because of that, but he just wants to prove them wrong:

"Coming from 'X Factor', people already [think], 'Really?', no matter what you do, whether it's releasing another album, anything, everyone's a little bit wary. Especially with musical theatre, I think."

"I get it, I empathise with that. There are thousands of musical theatre trained actors out there who could have these roles, and if the reviews came back saying I was crap, or that I couldn't do it and it was rubbish, then I would totally sympathise, but I just empathise, because I understand, but it's not like it's [bad]!"

Cardle added: "It's the best thing I've ever done, was leave Syco, and get away from that. But the industry is tough, it's unforgiving, and you've got to work your arse off, and I have been for a long time. I'm three quarters through my fourth album, and it's hard work. My fans are incredible, and they've sold out every show and charted the records brilliantly."

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