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Matt Cardle says Columbia is a "real artist's label", not Syco

2009's X Factor winner Matt Cardle has revealed that he's glad to be signed to both Syco and Columbia because he's more of an "artist" than his fellow contestants. 

The 'Run For Your Life' singer has a joint deal with the two labels, who operate independently as part of the Sony family, but prefers Columbia as it houses "real" musicians. Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he explained:

"Syco's a very pop label and I know X Factor is quite pop, but I'm not pop."

"You've got people like Kings of Leon, John Mayer and Bruce Springsteen on Columbia, as opposed to Syco where you've got your Cher Lloyds and your One Directions. Columbia is a real artist's label."

He feels different from the other stars that graduated from The X Factor's stage because of his long past as a singer-songwriter and musician and added that he feels more confident on a 'real' label:

"I don't know how much they had to do with the writing of their albums. But I was grafting for nearly 12 years. The show is how I got my break. I consider myself an artist. The songs are from my heart, my life experiences."

Watch his new music video along with a recent interview about his debut album's progression here: