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Matt Cardle on James Arthur's sales: 'After slagging me off all year, the numbers speak for themselves'

Former 'X Factor' winner Matt Cardle has had the last laugh in the ongoing feud between him and fellow talent show winner James Arthur after he sold more copies of his debut record in its first week of release. 

The 'Porcelain' hitmaker shifted 70,896 copies of his debut album 'Letters' back in 2011, but by comparison Arthur's new self-titled offering only sold 63,996 copies. Speaking to Digital Spy about having a higher figure, Cardle joked:

"Well, there you go. Having slagged me and my career off for a year now, the numbers are in and they speak for themselves."

"For some reason, he has repeatedly tried to humiliate me publicly and cement the perception that I have failed, but I've just celebrated the release of my third top 20 album in as many years, two of which I released independently. I'm proud of what I've achieved." 

Cardle added: "Like I initially said 12 months ago, I wish him well, I think he is talented and I hope he is still around in 3 years time."





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