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Matthew Morrison on 'Glee': 'It really started to decline'

Musician and actor Matthew Morrison, who played teacher Will Schuester in the musical drama series 'Glee', has criticised the programme for losing viewers' interest with the introduction of characters people didn't connect with and an over-saturation of different storylines.  

Speaking to New York magazine about the show, which recently just finished after 6 long seasons, Morrison explained that people lost interest once the original cast graduated from McKinley High School and that's where the problems began:

"'Glee' had its heyday, and then it kind of just slowly started declining. There were just so many characters. There are a lot of people and a lot of storylines. It's one of the biggest casts on television. They have the New Directions, the original New Directions, and then you have the new New Directions... The new ones didn't really click with people, so they had to start bringing back in the old people."

He then referred to the Friday night slot that 'Glee' had been filling, adding: "It's where shows go to die."

Morrison then confessed that he believes the show lost its way because of the numerous storylines: "They have so many things that we don't even talk about. Sue having a child. We're always like... 'I forget the baby's name right now. Where's Wanda, or whatever its name is?'"

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