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Matt Morrison talks love and fame

Glee’ star Matthew Morrison has opened up in a recent interview about how he doesn’t want a girlfriend in show business, and also has fears about bringing a woman into his high-profile life.

In an interview with Fabulous Magazine, Morrison addressed the flurry of rumours that have come up around him and several leading ladies including Cameron Diaz, Kelly Brook and even his very much married ‘Glee’ costar Gwyneth Paltrow.

"We are great friends and she's an amazing talent," he said. "Having had several girlfriends, now I definitely know what I don't want. I don't want someone in the business."

However, he also added:  "Bringing someone into this life scares me. For an ordinary person to be thrust into hanging out with me and having their picture taken all the time is a big ask.

"I used to be very closed off to even looking for someone because I know what it takes to be a good boyfriend and don't think I have the time. But right now I'm actually very open to it. I'm having such an incredible time in my life and I'd really love to share that with someone and have somebody to talk about my day with. You never know who's round the corner."

Check out the star chatting at the Grammy’s earlier this year below: