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Matt Morrison: “I don’t give a sh*t about awards”

Glee’ star Matthew Morrison has been nominated for many awards for his performance at Will Schuester on the hit show, but has yet to win any. However, the star says, he couldn’t care less.

The singer and actor claims that he is never bothered when someone else wins an award he is up for, because he doesn’t see the accolades as being an accurate depiction of acting talent.

He said to Attitude magazine: "I get nominated for everything and never win.

"I honestly don't give a s**t about awards. Sure, I'd take an Emmy. Am I losing sleep over not having one? No.”

He added: "I always feel like awards are such a funny thing. I don't know what their purpose is apart from to drive publicity towards a television show or a film.

"How do you really, unless you're all doing the same part, judge who is better than who?"

Check out Morrison and ‘Glee’ costar Lea Michele performing at the 2010 Tony Awards – where Morrison was nominated for an award – here: