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McFly's Harry Judd says quitting drinking helped him win Strictly

McFly's handsome drummer Harry Judd has revealed that stopping drinking has had nothing but a positive impact on his life and even helped him to win this year's Strictly Come Dancing

The talented star danced his way into the nation's hearts and has now credited his momentous win to cutting out alcohol. Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Judd explained:

"I don't drink any more. I stopped last year and it's been a good thing for me on Strictly - I've had no hangovers and been able to focus."

"The tough thing is there is an amazing crew on Strictly and the guys have been saying, "We'll have a drink tonight, Harry". How am I going to explain that one?"

Laughing about the show's wrap party, Judd joked that McFly's Danny would be getting drunk on his own as the other band members aren't big drinkers: "Me and Dougie don't really drink and neither does Tom, so Danny might end up getting wasted on his own!"




Watch Judd's winning moment in full below: