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McFly: Tom Fletcher's stag do will feature "eight gallons of sour cream"

McFly have opened up on what Tom Fletcher's impending stag do might feature.

Fletcher is due to marry Giovanna Falcone in May - but before that, he has to go through the trials and tribulations of a stag night with his McFly buddies.

Speaking to the Mirror, the rest of the band let slip that the night may include a "bathtub and a bowling ball" - and also a lot of sour cream. They said:

"It might involve midgets and lamp-posts. But we can confirm there will be a bathtub, a bowling ball and eight gallons of sour cream. We just want to have a good time."

Fletcher meanwhile admitted that he is nervous about writing his wedding speech - and that he has got to pen it whilst on tour. He added:

"The planning is going well but I have to write my speech on tour and I'm really nervous about it. I quite like that I'm the first of us to get married as the last one is going to get the worst stag do."




Watch McFly's Harry Judd on Something For The Weekend below: