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Award-winning sound designer and wellness music composer Tom Middleton has today released his brand-new album. Recorded in Dolby Atmos spatial audio, Spatial Sleep Music is out now, via global artist services company Platoon. The process of spatialisation is similar to scoring a film soundtrack for surround sound cinemas where audio can be moved or placed anywhere around or above the listener for effect. Apple Music brings this pioneering Spatial Music format to the world to experience, using spatial audio enabled devices.

Speaking about the new, spatial audio release, Tom says:

‘This album was born from a moving conversation about transforming human suffering, which so many are experiencing, and can be caused by anxiety and sleep loss. I want to create a world first spatial audio experience with this album to help reduce anxiety connected to sleep loss.

For the last decade I have been on a mission to help people sleep better with science based wellness music. Sleep is the foundational pillar of health and wellbeing. Anxiety is a key cause for poor and disrupted sleep and I wanted to investigate the potential for spatial audio to reduce anxiety’.

For the album, Tom has partnered with Paul Oomen from the Spatial Sound Institute to help unpack and leverage the neuroscience around spatial audio for anxiety reduction. Using the psychoacoustic phenomenon of ‘presence’ to focus the awareness of the listener, the album is designed to create a sense of familiarity, comfort and safety before slowly transporting them on an imaginary journey.

Tom also invited classical pianist Christina McMaster, harpist Ruby Aspinal, cellist Susie Blankfield and guitarist Andrew Sherriff to help bring the album to life with their instruments and voices. The album is best experienced with AirPod Max, AirPod Pro's or an Atmos soundbar.

Tom Middleton is a pioneering sound designer and composer of wellness music and functional soundscapes. He previously toured the world and performed to millions and has shared the stage with the likes of (Kan)Ye, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg and Mark Ronson, observing the positive benefits of music.

After suffering burnout and sleep disorders, Tom pivoted to train in sleep science coaching and mental health first aid. Since then, he leveraged his network of neuroscientists, artists, and innovators to set up Studio Tom Middleton, an award-winning Sensory Design & Wellness Innovation lab - on a mission to help transform suffering and improve wellbeing.

In addition to the release of Spatial Sleep Music, Tom and his collaborators are planning an experiential event at Platoon’s own studio space for April this year, which will see them mixing spatial sound with felt sound, through the integration of Sensate. Sensate is a palm-sized, pebble-like device that emits infrasonic vibrations to interact with autonomic processes via the parasympathetic pathway, ultimately resulting in lower stress. Further details on this event will be released over the coming weeks.

Spatial Sleep Music is out now via Platoon.

Spatial Sleep Music tracklist:
The Piano Room
The Piano Room II
The Piano Room III
The Cottage Fireplace
The Cat Companion
The Garden Beckons
The Ocean Is Calling
The Sea Meets The Sky
The Gentle Drift
The Shimmering Sea
The Sound Of Angels
The Purple Twilight
The Belt Of Orion
The Cosmic Connection
The Fading



Founded by C.E.O. Denzyl Feigelson in 2016, boutique artist services company Platoon identifies and shepherds exciting musical talent from around the world while arming them with innovative tools and services to build careers and reach new fans. Platoon landed its first success in 2016 when they signed yet-unknown Billie Eilish, helping lay out the groundwork for her ascent to global stardom. Following that it was BRIT Award winner Jorja Smith’s Blue Lights before guiding Nigeria’s Mr. Eazi to worldwide attention and acclaim. Most recently Platoon was the home to singer-songwriter and BBC Sound of artist Holly Humberstone. Current signings include Ms Banks, Fraser T Smith, Aziya, Simi, emie nathan, Amaarae, Aaron Smith, Victoria Monét, Luz and more. Platoon's team of employees has expanded across the globe, from London to New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Cape Town. Platoon’s creative spaces in London and Africa boast a network of studios and content facilities and double as inspiring ecosystems for artists to openly collaborate, with Platoon also offering educational classes across music and marketing. // @weareplatoon // new releases

About Sensate:

Five years in development and being tested over thousands of sessions, combined with a 15-year clinical journey, has provided UK-based company Sensate with the expertise to design a state-of-the-art sensory device and audio app designed to calm our fight-flight-freeze response through non-invasive sound vibration technology.

The palm-sized stress-busting wearable and audio app use infrasonic waves to resonate through the body, targeting the vagus nerve and strengthening the nervous system. The waves encourage relaxation and improve resilience to stress over time.

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