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Meghan Trainor reveals exciting date: 'I was trash-talking and it was really cool'

'Dear Future Husband' sensation Meghan Trainor has revealed that if she thinks about her dating past, there's on experience in particular that always springs to mind. 

Speaking to the U.S. edition of Marie Claire magazine, the beauty admitted that she was taken bowling once and it made for a fantastic date because it was flirty and competitive:

"Coolest date I've ever been on: The guy set up a night of bowling. We didn't have bumpers, so I had to pick up my game. He won. He didn't even try to be polite and let the girl win. But I got a strike and he didn't, so I felt like I won, you know? I trash talk. Like, 'Better prepare yourself; I'm about to destroy you.'"

Trainor, who was just included in People magazine's Most Beautiful list, also recently opened up about being confident and suggested that you should embrace who you are and celebrate it: "Show your best parts. So I show my waist size, because I love it. I show my legs because they're pretty good. I show the booty - just show what you're working with."

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