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'All About That Bass' songwriter earned $90 from one million streams

The songwriter of Meghan Trainor's smash hit 'All About That Bass' has revealed that he earns less than $100 (£66) per one million streams of the track.

Kevin Kadish wrote the 2014 tune, which topped charts across the world.

Speaking at a US House Judiciary Committee discussion on copyright, the songwriter opened up on the single's streaming revenue.

He decried the amount of money given to him through platforms such as Spotify.

Kadish said: "[Streaming] was the real issue for us, like 1 million streams equals $90 (£59). For a song like 'All About That Bass', that I wrote, which had 178 million streams - I mean, $5,679 (£3,731)? That's my share.

"That's as big a song as a songwriter can have in their career and number one in 78 countries. But you're making $5,600. How do you feed your family?"

The writer is calling on the Songwriter Equity Act to be passed through the US Congress, which will extend the Copyright Act to get give songwriters a better deal.

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