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Meghan Trainor: 'I felt insecure standing next to dancers in my video'

Songstress Meghan Trainor has revealed that even though she has achieved incredible success, including winning a GRAMMY last month, she still struggles to feel comfortable in her own skin. 

During a chat with Entertainment Tonight, she confessed that standing next to the dancers in a new music video made her feel very insecure, but luckily she has amazing friends who can help her to see how great she really is"

"Recently we were doing a fitting for this music video, and I was like, 'All these dancers next to me, they're so tiny,' and I felt insecure again. My best friend was like, 'You are all about that bass. Do not forget that.' I was like, 'You're right! I am hot, and I look bomb in these outfits, and I'm going to kill it in this video.' "

Trainor recently told CBS news that she went through a period of wearing sweatpants and clothes that would keep her completely covered up:

"I, every day, wore sweatshirts and sweatpants to cover up my body, because I was so insecure. And it would be summer. And I would go on vacation and I'd be in Trinidad and Tobago, 90-degree weather, and I'd be wearing sweatshirts that said (her hometown) 'Nantucket'.

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Watch Trainor talk about her new single 'No' below:


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