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Meghan Trainor refused media training: 'I never went back'

'All About That Bass' sensation Meghan Trainor has revealed that the thought of media training is really demotivating because it exists to dull the individual's personality from interviews with press. 

Speaking to London's Evening Standard, the star admitted that she didn't want to have media training because it's so controlling and her interviews would be so false as a result of it:

“They put new artists in these classes and apparently, everything about me was wrong. The woman was like: ‘Don’t do that!’, ‘Don’t say that!’ and just ‘No!’ I was like: ‘I got this’. So I never went back. I say stupid s**t all the time."

Trainor went onto talk about her personal life, adding that she is single at the moment and struggles to date: "Even nowadays I haven’t got a boyfriend, but I’ve had little flings - they never last because I realise early on that I deserve better. I deserve someone who is obsessed with me, like I’m obsessed with them… I usually don’t want to get more heartbroken later, so I cut it off early.”

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