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Meghan Trainor got to live out one of her bucket-list moments

Songstress Meghan Trainor has revealed that getting to perform with the Backstreet Boys was a teenage dream come true. 

She joined the group on stage during their U.S. variety show Greatest Hits performance on Thursday and told press afterwards that she had a huge crush on them when she was in school:

"My first band that I loved was the Backstreet Boys. My pop star crush was Brian. I was gonna marry him and my mum was gonna marry him. That was our husband. The day he got married, I remember we were like, 'Nooo!'"

Trainor added: "Singing with the Backstreet Boys is definitely a bucket-list moment."

Back in June, Trainor opened up about the beginning of her career and confessed that she refused media training: “They put new artists in these classes and apparently, everything about me was wrong. The woman was like: ‘Don’t do that!’, ‘Don’t say that!’ and just ‘No!’ I was like: ‘I got this’. So I never went back. I say stupid s**t all the time."

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Watch Trainor and the Backstreet Boys performing live together below:


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