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Saturday, July 28, 2018 11:36am ET by  

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Jason Mraz on Meghan Trainor: "She really is a great writer-producer"

Grammy Award winners Meghan Trainor and Jason Mraz have teamed up for a romantic duet called More Than Friends, which is based on how they felt when they both met their life partners.

Meghan told Billboard: "We were talking about being in a relationship with these people and how much we love them, and he was saying, 'My wife, she has these cute things she does'. And I was like, 'What do you mean?' [He said] 'When I make her a cup of coffee, I’ll be like, 'Is it good?' And she'll say, 'Oh, more than friends.'

"I thought that was so cute. We were like, 'Let’s write an adorable love song about being more than friends, and low-key we’ll know this is a wink to your wife.'"

Mraz explains that Trainor: "is a great writer-producer. She's fearless in the room and just starts singing and creating and trying things. She really helped me with the melody. I tend to be a little relaxed, almost monotone, and she made sure that I was keeping it interesting."

More Than Friends is out now and you can listen to the track below:

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