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Moby: 'Errol Flynn threw sex parties at my house'

Moby has revealed that his new home, a faux-medieval castle in Los Angeles, was once the home for Errol Flyn who held sex parties there.

He recalls to The Independent that one day when he was out in his yard recycling his rubbish:

"A very old lady walked past and asked me whether I lived here. She said: ‘Did you know Errol Flynn used to host sex parties in your house?’”

Moby, however, has been teetotal and drug-free for five years. Instead of holding any kind of parties his typical day involves working in the studio all morning, meeting a friend for lunch or a walk. He then exercises in the afternoon, either kickboxing, swimming or yoga.

In evening single Moby will have dinner at a vegan restaurant with maybe one of his three ex-girlfriends who he is still best friends with.

Moby still owns an apartment in New York, the city that marked his drunken downfall where he would drink 70 units per week. He said:

"I can’t drink in moderation, and I have no interest in being a civilised drinker. I like dive bars, I like doing tequila shots with homeless people, I like doing bags of drugs that I find behind toilets – which has happened a few times.”

Los Angeles life suits him better than New York, he said:

“In New York the bars are open until 5am, everybody drinks, there are bars everywhere. After I got sober I’d walk home from my studio through streets full of people drinking and having fun, and I’d eat cereal and watch The Daily Show and feel like I was missing out.

"But in LA people wake up early, you have to drive everywhere, there are almost no bars, and they close at one in the morning. When I meet recovering alcoholics from LA I wonder how they did it; it’s like being a surfer in Nebraska.”

Moby's new single 'Almost Home' with Damien Jurado is out on February 24. The 'Almost Home - Live at the Fonda LA' DVD is out on March 3.




Watch Moby give his views on the future of Music on BBC's Newsnight, and his 'Amost Home video below: