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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 4:46am ET by  

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Musician and DJ Moby to auction entire vinyl collection for charity

Moby has announced that he will auction off his vinyl collection for charity tomorrow (June 14).

In a bid to achieve spiritual enlightenment by relieving himself from the burden of possessions, the vegan producer told Consequence of Sound: "I'm aspiring to enlightenment, I try to see it as just sort of like, an example of impermanence.

"You know everything we love eventually goes away. So I'm like, 'Why not be a part of that process and help an organisation I really care about?'

“I would rather you have them then me, because if you have them, you’ll play them, you’ll love them, and the money will go to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. So everybody wins. Well, except me, because now I don’t have any records.”

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is a non-profit research and advocacy based in Washington which promotes a vegan lifestyle, preventative medicine and alternatives to animal-based research.

The collection features rarities, promos, signed Moby albums and 12 inch records he would take around the world and play in his DJ sets.

Moby told Plant Based News last year: "If you held a gun to my head and I had to choose between music and activism, as much as I love music, I’d have to choose animal rights activism. I would die tomorrow or right now if it would advance the cause of animal rights."

The auction begins tomorrow (June 14) at

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