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Moby: 'I was having 300 alcoholic drinks per month'

'Porcelain' star Moby has confessed that a few years ago he hit a rocky patch and was consuming a shocking amount of booze. 

During an interview with Britain's The Guardian newspaper, he explained that doing a survey about how much he drank woke him up to the fact that he was taking in far too much alcohol: "Before doing the study I was given a questionnaire, and one of the questions was: how many units of alcohol do you consume in a month? And I realised I was drinking about 60 units a week."

The hitmaker added that the end of the road came during a doctor's consultation because he was embarrassed to admit the extent of his alcohol consumption and even a made-up figure caused concern:

"I remember lying to my doctor, saying it was somewhere between 30 to 40 and he was even concerned at that. I was having about 300 drinks a month. That made me realise it was maybe time to stop."

When asked if he drank his money away, Moby added: "I love drugs as well, but the good thing about alcohol is, it's not very expensive. If you're going to have a crazy night on cocaine, it's going to cost a lot of money. But a crazy night drinking lager costs, like, $30."






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