Lil 40 and Mooskie 200 are set to release their Follow-up Single, “Attack”

Outstanding Members’ Artists Lil 40 and Mooskie 200 team up to bring you their single “Attack”



As you may know, rap artists from Chicago deliver clear messages in their music. The message in “Attack” is quite clear and skillfully produced by Loot G. The drill song is about attacking the competition and is reminding them to steer clear of the inevitable. The single will be released on August 12th and will be available on all digital music streaming platforms.

Lil 40 Krugerman is one of Chicago’s finest rising stars coming into his own musically, achieving infamy and success in an unorthodox way — by signing to Outstanding Members Records. He began rapping at an early age with his late brother. What started off as a mere child’s play developed into a serious musical journey that became a career. Beginning in the rap game as a “40”, he eventually added “Lil” as a tribute to distinguish himself and his stature to stand apart from the rest. Fiercely independent and raising hell, he’s found his niche with his hardcore fans with chart-topping collaborations with fellow labelmates Baby Goat, Mooskie 200, and BCG Lil Fame. He’s also into producing, learning, and honing his craft over new beats coming soon in 2022.

Lil 40 Krugerman is an artist of tomorrow and today. Words, sounds, ambiance, vision, and scripture keep him in the moment, in the relevance of his generation, as he moves forward as an O.S.M Recording artist.

His lyrics are not politically correct. His truth is often accused of being a lie. The words Lil 40 Krugerman spits on the mic are in the moment, in the right now, and will be decades from now when his tracks are classics.

Mooskie 200 has been surrounded by music his entire life. His father was a rapper and music producer who formed several acclaimed recording groups and record labels and would rehearse at home with other local rappers and producers from around the Chicagoland area.

As a young boy, Mooskie 200 was fascinated with these artists and would visit with them while they rehearsed. His father introduced him to classic hip-hop and R&B, filling the house with everything from Motown to Def Jam. Mooskie 200 had his second musical awakening when he discovered early 90s Gangster Rap. His musical inspiration comes from artists like NWA, Ice-T, MC Eiht and Compton’s Most Wanted, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., DMX, and others.

The labelmates have brought other singles like “Shake Sum.” Stay tuned for Lil 40 and Mooskie’s “Attack” video coming soon! Also, be sure to connect with Lil 40 Kruegerman and Mooskie 200 on all social media and digital music platforms.


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They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for Outstanding Music. Outstanding Members consists of 5 generations of music and are one of the oldest and biggest rap groups in Chicago Hip-Hop. O.S.M - formed by Loot - consists of talented members such as; Bmg, N-Doe, Redd Dogg, Mooskie 200, Savage Lyfe, Baby Goat, Chuck A Luck, Lil 40, Lil_Fame, Sleazy Twin, and Drillz Millz. The company is slated to make a major comeback after the COVID-19 pandemic and strategically increase its presence on social media.

One thing this crew has in common is they all produce music - as well as - write and engineer. Loot G is the videographer for the team which includes editing, filming, and photography. Since 2006, O.S.M has been on the underground scene for some time now and has music sold all over the world. O.S.M. fans can be found in the UK, Germany, Africa, Canada, Brazil, Tokyo, China, as well as in the U.S.A. Their albums “Luv Us Or Fear Uz” and “Let's Bang” put them on the “Map to Success.” Additionally, they have been pushing the brand for years by selling CDs out of the trunk and shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, and shoes on their website.

“They say that music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be truer for this crew.” - O.S.M

O.S.M is making their presence felt with hit singles like “Jiggalee Wit It” (Outstanding Members), “Cherish Things” (Mooskie 200), “Vent” (Mooskie 200), “Drilla” (Baby Goat X Lil 40), “1 Hunett” (N-Doe), “What I Do” (Loot G), “Exit” ( Mooskie 200), “Jig Wit It” and “ChiLanta”(Baby Goat ), “E.S.G.C” (LIL 40 Krugerman), and “How I Feel”(Redd Dogg). Their music appears on digital music platforms like CD Baby, iTunes, Apple Music, PlayStation, Xbox, Google Music, and Amazon Music. On 9/21/2018, “773 The Go” was released and is the soundtrack to the movie “773 The G0,” in which Loot G produced, wrote, as well as edited the movie. This soundtrack includes hit songs on it like “Yackity Yacht,” “Live Yo Life,” “Speak Through Me,” “Hurt No More,” and “My Life;” just to name a few.

Combining energetic performance with raw talent, Outstanding Members and their music are paving the way as an influential Hip Hop Crew for the modern generation. Since joining forces in 2006, the members of Outstanding Members have captivated fans with their signature sound and unique performances. You will be hooked from the first note.

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