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Marcus Mumford on criticism: 'It's very funny'

Musician Marcus Mumford has revealed that people often slam his band in front of his face and he just takes the remarks on the chin because there's no pleasing everyone. 

The Mumford & Sons star explained that people come up to him on the street and make rude comments about the music he creates with the band: 

"There was one weird kid who came up to me in a guitar shop in New York. He was very strange and knocking stuff over. He stood in the doorway and shouted, 'Mumford and Sons f***ing suck'. Then he turned away and ran. Weird."

"Then another time. I was at a gig when a guy came up to me and said: 'I just want you to know that I f***ing hate your music. It's repulsive'. So I said, 'OK cool, thank you for your opinion'. He then added, 'You seem like a nice guy but your music, it just disgusts me.'"

The frontman then added that it doesn't offend him and he just finds it to be quite entertaining when people go out of their way to criticise his band: "I don't think people are brave enough to say it to our faces most of the time. When people do, I find it very funny."

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Watch the band performing 'Snake Eyes' live here: