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Mumford & Sons: "We're not pop stars"

Marcus Mumford's bandmates insist his marriage to Hollywood A-lister Carey Mulligan isn't "really a big deal" as they aren't "pop stars".

The Mumford & Sons' frontman and Mulligan tied the knot in England earlier this year.

Mumford's bandmates Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane insist they have to work harder to protect his privacy now, although they are usually quite good at keeping out of the limelight any way.

Lovett told The Telegraph: “Yeah. I mean, we conduct ourselves like we always have. We’re very specific about who we talk to, about anything. We don’t do [Never Mind the] Buzzcocks. We try and keep a vaguely low profile. We’re not pop stars. So that stuff is not really a big deal. People don’t camp outside their [Mumford and Mulligan’s] house. Although I know they had a photo in Hello! or something – my mum said, ‘oh, I saw Marcus and Carey’. But there was no front page ‘couple of the summer!’ or stuff like that.”

Dwane says Mumford's laid-back personality helps matters when it comes to the press.

He added: “Yeah, kinda. I think Marcus is pretty good at keeping all that sort of stuff in check. We all help each other out in that stuff.

He continued: "But I think a lot of the time s**t is happening that we don’t even know about. We’re not on the internet checking what’s happening with Mumford & Sons around the world – we’re on the internet checking out what’s happening with the results to see how our fantasy football’s doing. We’re in the eye of the storm – people might be frenzied around us, but luckily we don’t have to deal with it really. The paparazzi doesn’t happen that much.”




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