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Nadine Coyle says she has psychic abilities

Nadine Coyle reckons she is a psychic.

The singer told the Mirror that she often has premonitions of events that eventually happen in the future.

The former Girls Aloud star said: "I am psychic. I had a vision when I was nine about being in a dressing room and getting angry at a person banging on the door. Some years later, on a Girls Aloud tour, it happened.

"Another time, I had told a friend I'd had a vision and that something was going to happen to him. He called me two days later - and it had happened exactly how I had seen it."

Coyle meanwhile recently defended her decision to sell her debut solo album 'Insatiable' exclusively in Tesco in 2010.

The record reached No.47 in the UK, but Coyle told Attitude:

"We only released it in one shop. We didn't have any digital downloads, or iTunes, except for Tesco. That was the deal that we had done, to try something new.  So no, I don't have any regrets whatsoever.

"I was going to do a second single, 'Running', and I really should have, so sometimes I think I should have just stuck it out and done that. But I went back to LA and rested and got myself together."

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