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Nathan Sykes: 'Chat-up lines make me cringe'

'Kiss Me Quick' singer Nathan Sykes has revealed that flirting makes him feel awkward and he doesn't see the appeal of using one-liners in an attempt to interest potential dates.  

Speaking to Britain's The Mirror newspaper, the hitmaker admitted that he has never been one to use chat-up lines and instead just hopes that he can begin a conversation with someone because he feels far more comfortable with that kind of interaction:

"I've never had any flirting experiences. That's part of the problem. I'm just like, 'Alright' and then hope a conversation happens. I find chat-up lines cringey. I think there are classier ways of pulling someone."

Back in May, Sykes told ET Online that his single 'Kiss Me Quick' was written with the idea of flirtation in mind: "Basically the idea of the single is that I'm really bad at flirting. Like, straight up so bad at flirting. So it's a bit cheeky, it's a bit flirty, it's quite playful. It's basically just asking someone for a kiss."

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