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Nathan Sykes wishes he could strum a few tunes on the guitar

'Over and Over Again' singer Nathan Sykes recently sat down for an interview with J-14 and opened up about a variety of topics from what's on his Netflix queue to which instrument he wishes he could play. 

When asked if there's one thing he can't do that he wishes he could, the heartthrob confessed that he would love to be able to play the guitar:

"Play guitar. I'd like to be able to play guitar. I see a lot of people doing it and it's so easy. I chose my instrument to be the piano and that's just slightly more difficult to carry around and be impromptu with. I'd look really cool with a guitar... carrying it around! When you get onto a plane with a guitar they're like, 'oh, a proper musician just got on the plane,' but I can't take a grand piano onto a plane and sit there in my economy seat on Jet Blue..."

He was then asked about his television watching habits and admitted that he's a great binge watcher of shows on Netflix:

"I'm waiting for the new 'House of Cards', but I've made a pact with my friends that I'll wait until I get back to London to watch it! I've just finished watching 'Game of Thrones' so I can't wait for the new season and I'm kind of making my way through Season 6 of 'The Walking Dead' at the moment!"

When asked if he binge-watches programmes a lot, Sykes added: "Oh yes. I literally didn't appear! Apart from going out and doing interviews and radio stuff and singing... that was it. When I was getting into 'Game of Thrones'... I went through five seasons in about two weeks."

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