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Nero desperate to recruit Phil Collins for next album

Dubstep duo Nero shot to the top of the UK albums chart over the weekend with 'Welcome To Reality' and have now revealed their dream collaboration. 

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, the 'Promises' stars explained how they "want to have an Eighties legend on each of our albums" and are desperate to enlist the musical talents of Phil Collins. 

"For our next album, Phil Collins is top of our wish list. Hopefully we can entice him out of retirement with a bit of dubstep."

The pair also expressed a desire to inject their sound into the movie world, adding "we'd love to be asked to write a soundtrack. Blade Runner 2 is being made at the moment. We're sitting by the phone, waiting for it to ring."

Check out Nero's chart-topping hit, 'Promises', here: