10 Years of Fandom: A Look Back at a Decade of Netflix in Mexico


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Netflix is turning 10. In September 2011, Netflix/ Nesflis/ Netflit/ Nefli/ Nexflit/ Neiflis/ Nesquit (or whatever you want to call it) arrived in Mexico and while a lot has changed since then, one thing has remained the same: Mexico’s love of great stories and their passionate fandom, who have been the best fans in the world.

How it all started: In the last decade, Mexico mastered the art of the binge with Club of Crows and Orange is the New Black - the most common first series Mexican members binged after joining Netflix*. And when Netflix asked: “Are you still watching?”, Mexicans always said: “YES!” - particularly to Who Killed Sara?, Luis Miguel: The Series and Cobra Kai, the Netflix series which spent the most time in Mexico’s Top 10.

What defines Mexican fandom: The art of being a fan in Mexico is an emotional experience**. It’s not by chance that over the last decade, Mexico has watched more novelas and dramas compared to the rest of the world3. And what brings out the most emotion? National pride. Since Netflix’s arrival, Mexican fans have devoured stories that bring the real Mexico to life***, like Roma, Somos and I’m No Longer Here. The world also joined in on the Mexican fandom with Dark Desire (wink to Alejandro Speitzer) and Who Killed Sara? (no, but really, tell us WHO killed her?), the two most popular Mexican Netflix series worldwide****.

The titles that get Mexico talking: When Mexican’s weren’t watching, they were cheering or talking about their favorite show: Mexico has one of the most vocal fanbases in all of Latin America, particularly for Dark, Money Heist and Lucifer, which are the most commented series on social media compared to the rest of the region*****. And in these conversations the word ‘when’ became the most popular phrase for Mexicans on Twitter over the last 10 years5. Everyone has asked at least once: WHEN WILL THE NEXT SEASON OF [FILL IN THE BLANK] BE RELEASED?!

Thank YOU, Mexico: But at the end of the day (and decade), Mexicans were the most gracious and thanked Netflix the most on social media in Latin America5. To say ‘gracias’ for a decade of fandom, Netflix is giving fans in Mexico a sneak peek of what’s yet to come with TUDUM: the global fan event, on September 25. Come for the fanfare and stay for exclusive news, trailers and celebrity appearances from all over the world. Some of your favorite characters from Rebelde, Cobra Kai, Money Heist, Emily in Paris and Dark Desire, to name a few, will be invited too. The next decade of Netflix in Mexico is only just beginning!

  • Between October 2012 - October 2017. Binge is defined as completing the show within 7 days of starting the season.

** Based on qualitative research conducted in 2021 with fans of Netflix in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

*** Based on the view share percentage of time watched by genre over the past 5 years.

**** The Netflix Mexican titles that made it to the most Top 10 lists around the world.

***** Based on an analysis of Twitter activity in relationship to Netflix and Netflix shows between 2012 and 2020.

Source Netflix, Inc.

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