Drum Rolls and Heartbeats: "Glass Heart" Confirmed for 2025 Release

Glass Heart, based on Wakagi Mio’s best-selling novel, is coming to Netflix in 2025. Starring Takeru Satoh (First Love), Yu Miyazaki, Keita Machida (Alice In Borderland), and Jun Shison (Yu Yu Hakusho), and Masaki Suda


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Serving a harmonic blend of emotion and music, Japanese live-action series Glass Heart is set to debut in 2025. An adaptation of Wakagi Mio's best-selling novel of the same name, this timeless tale.

Glass Heart tells the story of Akane Saijo, a college student and aspiring drummer, who finds herself suddenly kicked out of her band. However, things take a turn when the brilliant musician Naoki Fujitani stumbles upon her talent and invites her to join his new ensemble.

Takeru Satoh (First Love, An Incurable Case of Love) not only steps into the shoes of the enigmatic musical genius, Naoki Fujitani, but also dons the hat of co-executive producer for the series. Playing the determined drummer, Akane Saijo, is the talented newcomer Yu Miyazaki, who landed the role through auditions. Keita Machida (Alice in Borderland, Yu Yu Hakusho) plays the diligent guitarist, Sho Takaoka. Jun Shison (Fermat's Cuisine, Yu Yu Hakusho) steps into the role of introspective pianist and music geek, Kazushi Sakamoto, while the charismatic vocalist of a rival band, Toya Shinzaki, is brought to life by Masaki Suda (We Made A Beautiful Bouquet, Don't Call It Mystery).

Glass Heart Cast

Renowned directors Kensaku Kakimoto (Parasite in Love) and Kotaro Goto (The Naked Director) are at the helm of the series. Mari Okada, the acclaimed scriptwriter behind popular titles such as Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day and The Anthem of the Heart, takes charge of writing the story alongside a talented team of emerging female scriptwriters.

Glass Heart sets a new benchmark in Japanese drama with its massive filming scale, including scenes featuring tens of thousands of extras for music performances. The actors also went through intensive training to master their instruments so they can play authentically. Prepare to be swept off your feet by the passion, music, and drama when Glass Heart premieres in 2025.


Netflix Series 'Glass Heart'

Cast: Takeru Satoh, Yu Miyazaki, Keita Machida, Jun Shison, Masaki Suda

Based on the novel: 'Glass Heart' by Mio Wakagi

Directors: Kensaku Kakimoto, Kotaro Goto

Screenplay: Mari Okada, Tomoko Akutsu, Shiho Kosaka, Anna Kawahara

Co-executive Producer: Takeru Satoh

Producer: Go Abe

Line Producer: Hirofumi Sakurai

Production: ROBOT

Produced by: Netflix

Source Netflix, Inc.

February 28, 2024 8:19am ET by Netflix, Inc.  


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