When Snow Falls on a Summer Day, Take a Magical Journey with "My Oni Girl" on May 24


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In an extraordinary world where winter meets summer, My Oni Girl weaves an enchanting tale of friendship and self-discovery. Produced by the cutting edge Studio Colorido and directed by Studio Ghibli alumni Tomotaka Shibayama, this youth fantasy film brings together human emotions and mythical elements in a heartwarming narrative.

My Oni Girl is the second of three films that Netflix is producing with the animation studio, which has won acclaim in Japan for its feature-length anime such as Penguin Highway, A Whisker Away, and Drifting Home.

My Oni Girl tells the story of Hiiragi Yatsuse, a first-year high school student who struggles to make friends despite his efforts to please others. His life takes an unexpected turn when one summer day, he meets Tsumugi, an oni (demon) girl on a quest to find her mother in the human world. Snow mysteriously begins to fall... and their adventure begins.

Kensho Ono (A Whisker Away) lends his voice to Hiiragi, skillfully bringing out the character's subtle emotions. The lively and carefree Tsumugi is voiced by rising star Miyu Tomita, whose exceptional voice-acting skills promise an engaging performance.

Shibayama, who previously collaborated with Studio Colorido on A Whisker Away, teams up with screenwriter Yuko Kakihara (The Apothecary Diaries, Chihayafuru), while renowned animator Masafumi Yokota (The Apothecary Diaries, Weathering with You, The Wind Rises) leads the character design. The newly released poster and teaser reveal a world brought to life with soft lines and beautiful colors, showcasing Yokota's visually stunning design.

Join Hiiragi and Tsumugi on their magical journey in My Oni Girl, premiering worldwide on Netflix and in theaters across Japan on May 24.


Title: My Oni Girl

Director: Tomotaka Shibayama

Screenplay: Yuko Kakihara, Tomotaka Shibayama

Character Design: Masafumi Yokota

Character Design Assistant: Sunao Chikaoka

Color Design: Miho Tanaka

Art Director: Kunihiko Inaba

Compositing Director: Satoshi Machida

Music: Nami Kubota

Sound Director: Eriko Kimura

Distribution: Twin Engine/Giggly Box

Development/Production: Twin Engine

Produced by: Studio Colorido

Release date: May 24

Official film website: https://www.netflix.com/MyOniGirl


Source Netflix, Inc.

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