Official trailer released for new Netflix series "Tokyo Swindlers" based on the novel by Ko Shinjo

Can a group of real estate scammers pull off a 10-billion-yen scam without getting caught?


Netflix, Inc.

June 13, 2024 - Can a group of real estate scammers pull off a 10-billion-yen scam without getting caught? This is the intriguing premise of Tokyo Swindlers, a masterful crime thriller series about realty fraudsters driven by greed. Based on Ko Shinjo's novel of the same name, the series is directed and scripted by the award-winning Hitoshi One (Moteki, Elpis).

The teaser trailer introduces viewers to the main players in the high-stakes quest for land: the highly professional "land swindlers" who pull off group cons, the developers who fall for their clever schemes, and the police who are closing in on the crooks. The show promises a thrilling plot filled with deception, intense psychological drama, and heart-pounding suspense - bound to keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Meet the cast

Tokyo Swindlers features an impressive lineup of actors who bring this high-stakes world of fraud to life:

Go Ayano (Yu Yu Hakusho, Let's Go Karaoke!, A Family) as Takumi Tsujimoto, who plays the role of negotiator for the group of land swindlers

Etsushi Toyokawa (Baian the Assassin, M.D. 1 & 2, Kingdom2: Far and Away) as Harrison Yamanaka, the leader of the scammers, and a master con man who mentors Takumi

Kazuki Kitamura, Eiko Koike, Pierre Taki, Shota Sometani and Anthony play the other swindlers who take part in the unprecedented 10-billion-yen scam

Izumi Matsuoka, Kaito Yoshimura, Satoru Matsuo, Taro Suruga, Makita Sports and Koji Yamamoto play the real estate developers and owners who fall prey to the swindlers and the suspicious figures that surround them

Elaiza Ikeda and Lily Franky play the police, who are hot on the criminals' trail

How will these crooks execute their biggest scam yet? Tokyo Swindlers streams on July 25, only on Netflix.


Real estate prices in Tokyo have once again begun to skyrocket. Takumi Tsujimoto (Go Ayano) meets Harrison Yamanaka (Etsushi Toyokawa), the leader of a notorious group of real estate swindlers. Along with informer Takeshita (Kazuki Kitamura), impostor recruiter Reiko (Eiko Koike), and legal advisor Goto (Pierre Taki), Takumi helps carry out real estate fraud as a negotiator. Their next target is the biggest yet: a 10 billion yen real estate scam. While the swindlers engage in a clever back-and-forth with land owners and major developers who are desperate to repurpose land, the police relentlessly pursue them. Meanwhile, both Takumi's past and Harrison's immoral methods are revealed gradually. The con artists take massive risks to make fraudulent deals as the police chase them. Can they pull off their 10 billion yen scheme?

About the Series


Tokyo Swindlers

Screenplay and Directed by:

Hitoshi One


Go Ayano, Etsushi Toyokawa
Kazuki Kitamura, Eiko Koike, Pierre Taki, Shota Sometani
Izumi Matsuoka, Kaito Yoshimura, Anthony, Satoru Matsuo, Taro Suruga, Makita Sports
Elaiza Ikeda, Lily Franky, Koji Yamamoto

Based on the novel:

"Tokyo Swindlers" by Ko Shinjo (published by Shueisha Bunko) © Ko Shinjo/Shueisha


Kenichi Yoshida, Harue Miyake

Presented by:


A Production by:

Nikkatsu Corporation, Booster Project

Launch date:

July 25, 2024


7 episodes


Source Netflix, Inc.

June 13, 2024 1:13pm ET by Netflix, Inc.  

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