NEW MUSIC: Everything's Still The Same - Lurkavelli ft. Buddha Gold (Prod. Nico Fazio)

Here's new audio from our artist & New Lurk City's artist LURKAVELLI titled Everything's Still The Same' featuring Buddha Gold commentary, that I would like to pitch to your site. Lurkavelli is a Lower East Side, NYC based artist. This is one of many single off Lurkavelli (producer) EP titled "The Lowa Savior", which is set to be released early 2014. This track is all Lurkavelli frustrations about how he gets no support from histeam/friends instead of ranting on social networks like any other social network rapper he composed it into a record. Lurkavelli is more of an frustrated artist who often puts messages into his music i.e. his previous record 'Keep Your Circle Tight'. For more info log onto to his personal site/blog


Lurkavelli (Lower East Side, NYC) Buddha Gold (Queens, NY)



Buddha Gold Twitter - @BabyDadStyle NEW LURK CITY/ GoldStandard Industries Booking & Management Contact Info:

October 23, 2013 2:10pm ET by New Lurk City   Comments (0)

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