Indie-Rock Artist ‘bryden’ Releases Debut EP ‘The Rites’


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Following the release of his debut single ‘Blood’, London Indie-Rock artist ‘bryden’ releases his debut 3-track EP ‘The Rites’, produced by Oscar Moos (Eyelar, Coults, Kid Brunswick). Weaving together elements of Indie-Rock, Pop and R&B, bryden’s eclectic musical influences range from the likes of Frank Ocean, The Smiths and Catfish and the Bottlemen as he infuses his enigmatic lyricism with R&B melodies and rock undertones.

These influences can be seen throughout ‘The Rites’ as bryden takes cues from occultist imagery, with allusions as diverse as Alastair Crowley's mystic tomes, the Gawain Poet's 'Perle' poem, Shakespeare's 'Antony and Cleopatra' and David Cronenberg's 'Videodrome'. The 3 track concept EP sees these influences coincide with each of the three tracks depicting a different stage of an occultist ritual.

The first track ‘Pearl’ kicks off the proceedings with a divine apparition appearing to bryden. However, these delicate and worshipful suppositions of love turn sinister. What first appeared divine turns into something unholy. The centre point of the EP ‘Blood’ then describes the consumptive and seductive effect of this evil as it corrupts the mind. The EP crescendoes at ‘The Rites’ closing track ‘Leap’ as bryden ponders how to break free from this all-consuming entity that he’s awoken (or whether he wants to). Throughout the EP bryden crafts a sonic soundscape taking the listener through the seance with him as he blends elements of Indie-Rock, Pop and R&B to create a compelling debut EP that showcases bryden’s songwriter prowess.

Having previously garnered support from the likes of Music Crowns, Celeb Mix and Backseat Mafia for his debut single ‘Blood’, bryden now looks to unveil his vision to a dedicated fanbase that he’s started cultivating, celebrating the release at his EP launch party on the 19th April at the Spice Of Life in London.

April 18, 2023 2:57pm ET by Next Up Music PR  

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