Swiss Artist MADNIK Drops Genre-Bending New Single 'B.O.N.G'


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Having already cemented himself on the scene with a wealth of broad and immersive gems this year, including ‘PHOENIX’, ‘TRUTH’, and ‘ADDICTED’, Swiss artist MADNIK is now looking to continue his prolific streak as he returns with his vibrant new single ‘B.O.N.G’.

Conjuring another heady dose of shimmering electronic aesthetics, matched perfectly against his atmospheric vocal performance, ‘B.O.N.G’ sees him continue his ascent as one of the more enchanting artists on the rise right now. Brimming with warm and alluring textures throughout, it feels like he is on the cusp of something very special with this one.

Speaking about the meaning of ‘B.O.N.G’, he said, “Don‘t be afraid of being free. Be who you are, do what you like and believe that everything is going to turn out fine. Because it will!”

While adding about its creation, “This track was created after a vacation of mine…. From the apartment we rented you could jump off the balcony and land right in a swimming pool. One evening (it was dark and I was a little stoned) I fell backwards off the balcony and landed in the pool… I tried to create a song that resembles the feeling I had while falling. The excitement/ fear of not knowing when you‘re gonna land mixed with a feeling of complete freedom.”

MADNIK is a 23 year old artist from Switzerland. Always loving writing and performing music ever since he was a child, he recorded his first original songs while still in highschool with producer Matthias Hillebrand. Becoming great friends over the years, he is still the artist’s main producer for all of his recent material.

After enlisting in the Swiss military for a year, he continued to write new music to help fight the anxiety and depression that comes with being stuck in bunkers for weeks at a time. With time he realised that more and more soldiers were coming to listen to him, and some evenings the whole dining room was filled with guys waiting to watch him perform.

Since leaving the military and starting his journey as an artist, he has been quick to establish himself, racking up tens of thousands of streams for his run of releases to date, with many more scheduled for the months ahead as well.

May 26, 2023 12:45pm ET by Next Up Music PR  

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