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Niall Horan: "You have to be yourself 100% of the time"

Niall Horan has spoken about how it's important to be yourself 100% of the time, no matter what pressures modern day life and social media throw at you.

Speaking to Coupe De Main Magazine, he said: "I've had it in relationships where they're fine with me and then they go and are around other people and were a completely different person, which I found very strange.

"But yeah, there are people doing that under the veil of social media as you say, and feel like they have to make friends and be someone else, which should definitely not be the thing. 

"You have to be yourself 100% of the time."

The Flicker star also said that his next album won't be sad album as his relationship woes are behind him, he said: "A lot of this album was driven from personal experiences and heartache and stuff like that.

"But I don't have that at the moment, so I think a lot more will just be going out and writing songs, and trying to write good songs, instead of being stuck on one particular concept."

Horan's Flicker tour started in Ireland on March 10 and ended its European leg two nights ago on May 12 in Lisbon, Portugal. The same night, his performance with the Irish RTÉ Concert Orchestra premiered.

The Australian leg starts on June 1 for a week. The 'Slow Hands' singer-songwriter then takes the tour to Asia, South Ameria, North America and Canada. It ends on September 23 at West Palm Beach.

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