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Nick Jonas on fame: 'Pop star success isn't the best foundation for a lasting career'

'Chains' hitmaker Nick Jonas has revealed that he's incredibly wary of becoming famous quickly because instant success tends to mean that it can disappear just as fast. 

During a new interview with the Rolling Stone, the heartthrob explained that now he's solo and not part of the Jonas Brothers, he's making a conscious effort to build solid foundations for the future:

"I think part of the beauty of being a pop phenomenon is that you're going 1,000 miles per hour, and it's all happening – and that's also the hard part about it. It's very easy to get used to certain things going at that speed, with that frenzy behind it. But it's not necessarily the foundation for the best, longest-lasting career."

"This time around, I'm trying to set up a foundation so that I can do what I love for the rest of my life. I see my career as not just music, but as hopefully an entertainer on all mediums, and someone who can have real influence and make great art."

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