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Nick Jonas discusses sex and God: 'I'm now a man and I do what men do'

Singer Nick Jonas has opened up about his struggle with sex and religion, and his decision to remove the purity ring he was known for wearing. 

Speaking to Yahoo!, the heartthrob explained that people always focused on the fact that he wore a purity ring and it was odd because he was so young at the time, so it piled more pressure on that aspect of adulthood:

"It's important for anyone to grow. The thing that was strange for me was the emphasis on my sex life at 14; it's a crazy thing. I've seen a lot of my peers struggle with media attention on things that are very personal, and that was one."

He went onto add that his religious beliefs contributed to his approach to embracing a sex life, but he managed to reconcile the two and is now able to enjoy a full life:

"I had the time outside of the public eye to develop my own belief system and figure out what is important to me and what I believe in relation to sex and God and all those kind of things you do as you grow up, and now I'm happy. I'm a man and I do what men do."

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Watch Jonas talk about becoming a 'full-grown man' below: