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Nick Jonas: 'I'm not a role model because I'm capable of letting people down'

Superstar Nick Jonas has revealed that while he is famous, he doesn't think people should see him as a role model because he is human and is just as capable of letting people down as the next guy, but he tries his best to be honest and relatable.

During a new interview with People Now, the heartthrob confessed that the best thing that has come out of this situation is the chance to use his fame as a platform to speak about living with the condition:

"I've been an advocate for diabetes now for about 10 years. I was diagnosed when I was 13. It was a crazy ride that I went on and in the midst of it I started to build a career with my brothers, I was diagnosed with diabetes."

"My whole thing has been about trying to be as honest and transparent as I can about it and helping other people that way, and also sharing tools that have helped me [...] It's insane how far we've come and for me to speak about it and to give people some encouragement... it's a great part of it and getting to share the story."

The 'Chains' sensation went onto add that he has learned some lessons since his diagnosis: "It really shapes who you are as a person and having diabetes helped me developed a strong sense of responsibility at an early age because it was something I had to learn myself. I also felt a responsibility to talk about. I always said I'm not a role model because I'm perfectly capable of letting you down at times, but I do my best and as it relates to my diabetes - I want to share and be honest and try to help."

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