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Nick Jonas had fun with Emma Roberts on 'Scream Queens' set'

'Jealous' sensation Nick Jonas has revealed that working on Ryan Murphy's 'Scream Queens' has been a great experience because he was around pals. 

Speaking to Pop Sugar this week about shooting his scenes for the highly anticipated slasher series, the heartthrob admitted it was made even more fun by the fact that he was working alongside friend Emma Roberts:

"I did (have fun)! I was working with a couple friends, too. Emma is great; I've known her for forever and got to know some of the other girls, Abigail [Breslin]. And this guy Glen Powell is on the show, too. He's kind of my roommate and best friend. It's a really great cast. I'm thrilled to be a part of it."

Jonas went onto add that this project is new for him because he doesn't really like watching horror movies so isn't too familiar with the genre: "I'm not, to be honest, a huge scary movie fan. But I think the thing that's great about this show is, it's kind of more in that slasher vibe. Like some of those iconic movies from the '80s."

"But I'm not the biggest fan — that's not the first thing I choose. The thing that I was most drawn to about this project was the comedy, and I think you'll see when you see my character. It's very different from the other dramatic serious stuff I've been doing recently — it's very funny stuff."

'Scream Queens' also stars songstress Ariana Grande, 'Glee' beauty Lea Michele, 'American Horror Story' actress Jamie Lee Curtis and Keke Palmer.

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