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Nick Jonas gets sentimental about Jonas Brothers

Hitmaker Nick Jonas hosted a revealing Reddit AMA session last night and opened up about a variety of topics, from coping with diabetes to which Jonas Brothers song makes him the most sentimental. 

Talking about living with diabetes, the 'Chains' sensation confessed that it's really hard but he tries to use his situation to help and encourage others in similar positions:

"Coping with diabetes is tough, regardless of what you do and how busy your schedule is. I've had challenges over the last couple years managing it. Thankfully I've got a great doctor, and great tools that I use that help me kinda keep it all together. And you know, your A1C is gonna go up and down, so I'd just say try to stay encouraged, and if you check it as much as you can and you have a CGM, that's really helpful as well, and just kinda stay on top of it."

When asked about the Jonas Brothers, Nick explained that he has lots of fond memories and there is one song in particular that he loves from that era:

"I think ‘A Little Bit Longer’ is still up there on my list of songs that are closest to me, but as time’s gone on you know in my solo stuff there’s more, and there’s more on this new record that I’m really looking forward to people hearing. One in particular called ‘Chainsaw’ and a song called ‘Unhinged.’"

"And then with the brother stuff, I constantly go back and reminisce about the music that we released together and touring and you know it was some of the best years of my life. So you know, thinking back to some of those records that we released and got to play was really fun."

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Watch Jonas talking about his upcoming new album below:


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