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Wednesday, April 13, 2016 1:30pm ET by  
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Check out who Nick Jonas says he'd 'snog, marry, avoid'

'Close' hitmaker Nick Jonas played a game of 'snog, marry, avoid' on BBC Radio 1 earlier today (April 12) and had to choose between tour partner Demi Lovato, ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus, and actress Kate Hudson. 

The heartthrob chose to avoid Miley, despite confessing that his first kiss happened with her outside of a chain pizza restaurant in California, but went onto explain that he would marry Lovato and snog Hudson, who he has been romantically linked to:

"Demi and I are really good friends so I'd marry her because you want to marry your best friends - even though it's weird to say that. I watched her one of these that she did and she said she'd marry me so I have to pay it back. And then I guess I'd snog Kate Hudson, right, that's logical?"

Jonas, meanwhile, recently opened up about a song on his upcoming new album 'Last Year Was Complicated' and explained why he decided to name the track 'Bacon': 

"A lot of guesses were: it’s the morning after and it’s bacon because you’re having breakfast. That’s not at all what it's about. The idea is when you are out of a relationship and you start to be okay with the fact that it’s ended. In my case my life was great, its so good that we should throw some bacon on it to make it even better."


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