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Nick Jonas on masculinity: 'What it means to be a man is evolving'

Singer Nick Jonas has revealed that he is completely fascinated by the construct of masculinity and can't stop studying it

The 'Chains' hitmaker, who stars in a new film about hazing in a fraternity called 'GOAT', told Billboard magazine that what it means to be a man changes all the time and he's really interested in this evolution and shift:

"The thing I'm most drawn to about it is that the most standard stereotype of what being a man is continues to evolve in 2016. I like subject matter that challenges thinking and makes people try to become more aware of themselves and the world around them -- it's a great opportunity as an actor and storyteller. To say, "This is what we know about this topic," but the world is so big and there are so many people with so much to say. If we can have a more broad understanding, I think there'd be a lot more love and peace to go around."

When asked how he prepared for the role in 'GOAT', Jonas added: "There was a great documentary our director told us to watch which was called Frat House [1998], which gave a behind-closed-doors look into fraternity hazing culture. And also I spoke to a friend who was in a fraternity. It is, really, a very private thing."

"Part of the fraternity culture is to not speak about what happened, and it is tough to do the research and get the information you need. But I think the other part is when you get a bunch of young men together, even if it's acting, there's a heavy level of testosterone and energy and it becomes this thing naturally. You see how things happen the way they do in the film by living it."

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Watch Jonas talk about being involved in 'GOAT' below:


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