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Nick Jonas would strip off for a role: 'If it's important, I'll do it'

Singer and actor Nick Jonas has revealed that if being naked on camera was crucial to a storyline he was working on, he would be happy to do it

Speaking to Vulture magazine about his acting roles, the star admitted that he has no problem getting nude on camera but feels that it would have to make sense in terms of the narrative as he doesn't like gratuitous nudity as much:

"As I've gotten older, it's been nice to just explore and be creative. With Kingdom, obviously fighters fight shirtless, so that's why that's happening. In addition to that, it's playing around with creative minds who have great ideas, and part of that is tapping into an older side and a sexier vibe. It's just about going on a journey and having fun while creating something."

"I'd have to see how important it was to the story to go fully nude or not. But I think if it's the right thing and it feels important that it be in there, then I'll do what I gotta do."

Earlier this week, the 'Chains' sensation told Billboard that working on the new movie 'GOAT', which is about fraternity brothers and hazing, got him really interested in the concept of masculinity:

"The thing I'm most drawn to about it is that the most standard stereotype of what being a man is continues to evolve in 2016. I like subject matter that challenges thinking and makes people try to become more aware of themselves and the world around them -- it's a great opportunity as an actor and storyteller. To say, "This is what we know about this topic," but the world is so big and there are so many people with so much to say. If we can have a more broad understanding, I think there'd be a lot more love and peace to go around."

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Watch Jonas in action below:


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