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Saturday, June 11, 2016 1:30pm ET by  
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Nick Jonas: 'I'm drawn to strong women because I was raised by one'

'Chains' heartthrob Nick Jonas has revealed that he is attracted to strong women because he was raised by one

During a new interview with Elle magazine, the star explained that he isn't intimidated by confidence and would even say he is more drawn to that trait in a potential partner:

"I think it's totally possible for men and women to be friends, and I think those friendships are important, especially with women you admire. I think that growing up with such a strong woman - my mom raised four boys (so) she had to be tough - I'm drawn to strong women, women who are really intelligent."

He also spoke about the pitfalls of social media and added that he gets annoyed by the ignorance he sees online: "It depends what it's about. I invite all opinions because I think we're all entitled to our own, but I think that ignorant ones are frustrating. Social media allows for some really ignorant people to spread their voice. It's just unfortunate."

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