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Tuesday, July 26, 2016 7:00pm ET by  
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Nick Jonas 'disappointed' by lack of VMAs recognition

Singer Nick Jonas has revealed that he was upset to think MTV hadn't considered his music video for 'Close' for any awards at the upcoming VMAs. 

Earlier this evening, the heartthrob shared his disappointment at the fact that his video wasn't recognised in any of the categories: "Disappointed with the fact Close got no love for the #VMAs2016."

Soon after, he changed his mind and returned to the social media site to explain that he is going to focus on the positives in his life instead: "Actually after thinking about it more there are so many amazing things happening in my life and career. 9 out of 10 boxes are checked..."

Jonas added: "Won't let this one thing get to me. I'm feeling so inspired and grateful these days. Gonna focus more on caring less about the small stuff. Everything is awesome."

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