OWN's New Series "Family Empire: Houston" Introduces the Bradens, A Multi-Generational Family

OWN's New Series "Family Empire: Houston" Introduces the Bradens, A Multi-Generational Family with Tight-Knit Bonds and a Legacy in Question

New Series Premieres Friday, June 28 at 8/7c on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network



(Los Angeles, Calif. May 23) - FAMILY EMPIRE: HOUSTON, a new series about the multi-generational Braden family of Houston, Texas, will premiere on Friday, June 28 at 8pm ET/PT on OWN. Exploring complex themes of generational wealth and the building of a family legacy, the 8-episode unscripted series follows the Bradens across four generations of Black excellence. 'Sister cousins' Nicole, Jermeshia and JaQuita have a collective dream to follow in the footsteps of their beloved grandmother and the Braden family matriarch, Oscarene, a real estate entrepreneur who built the family empire from the ground up and passed down this grit and determination to her children and grandchildren.

"Here at OWN, we are always looking to shine a light on interesting people with stories that are entertaining and who also reflect our audience," said Tina Perry, President, OWN. "Family Empire: Houston promises all of this and more - a dynamic family, vibrant culture and high-stakes scenarios we know our audience will respond to."

As the co-founders and managing directors of the Braden Real Estate Group, the Braden sister cousins are realtors, entrepreneurs and dream home finder extraordinaires with a pulse on the booming metro housing market of Houston. Their core mission and vision are to empower communities and secure wealth for generations to come, and they also have a dream to further develop a valuable plot of commercial land that has been owned by the Braden family for decades, further establishing the family's legacy in the Houston area. But complications arise for the grandchildren as Oscarene contemplates dissolving the family assets in order to secure the financial futures of her own five children - Frank Jr., Charlotte, Cheryl, Nikki and Jackie.

In the premiere season the family will also confront many skeletons in the closet, including decades of estrangement between Nicole and her half-sister, Lakeshia, complications surrounding Oscarene's plan to pass down her wealth, and multiple family dynamics from single motherhood to the challenges of being married into the Braden family. In pursuing their legacy, tensions may rise, but the Braden's are family and always find a way back to each other.


Oscarene Braden

Oscarene Braden stands as a beacon of pioneering spirit, embodying the resilience and entrepreneurial drive of her era. Born in 1937 in Natchitoches Parish, LA, Oscarene was adopted as an infant and raised in Houston, TX. Oscarene found her lifelong partner in Frank Braden, a kindred spirit also from Natchitoches Parish. They raised a close knit and loving family with a foundation built on their devotion and love for God. Together, they also built a portfolio of diverse enterprises across the Houston area from a lawn care business to a fish market, to reception halls and beauty shops from rental properties and a daycare center. As a pioneer of her time, Oscarene built a legacy that will endure for generations to come.

Nicole Braden Handy
Grandmother: Oscarene
Father: Frank Jr.
Sisters: Lakeshia, Monay
Cousins: Jermeshia, JaQuita
Husband: Larry

The face of the Braden Real Estate Group, Nicole embodies the entrepreneurial spirit passed down from her grandmother, Oscarene. Her leadership and knack for sealing deals have solidified the firm's success. Yet, beneath the shine, Nicole's got her own share of shadows as she deals with her husband, Larry, who seems to care more about working than building a happy home, while also trying to make peace with Lakeshia, her father's child with another woman.

Jermeshia Goudeau
Grandmother: Oscarene
Mother: Jackie
Sister: JaQuita
Cousins: Lakeshia, Nicole, Monay
Husband: Justin

As Nicole's right hand and co-founder, broker Jermeshia balances the weight of the family business with the complexities of her personal life. A workaholic, wife and mother of three, she's the definition of someone who is spreading herself too thin. However, despite not having enough hours in a day and even some postpartum depression, she's still determined to make it all work, proving that she can juggle boardrooms and bedtimes, with time left over for her husband, Justin.

JaQuita Martin
Grandmother: Oscarene
Mother: Jackie
Sister: Jermeshia
Cousins: Lakeshia, Nicole, Monay
Husband: Chris

The younger sister of Jermeshia, JaQuita is trained as a pharmacist but now works for the Braden Real Estate Group. With her husband, Chris, in the midst of a career pivot, she's feeling the weight of wearing the financial pants in the relationship - a fit she's not too fond of. To make matters worse, Chris often feels left out of the Braden clan, clashing with the rest of the family over small matters. JaQuita's struggle with juggling it all is as real as it gets, making her story one of finding balance between ambition and love.

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