Newcomers Galactic Dust deliver a sweet & saucy slice of indie-pop goodness in ‘The Pizza Song’


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[15th January 2021] Noam, Alfie and Mattia, better known by their uber-cool band name Galactic Dust, are the new kids on the block making a name for themselves in the world of indie and electronic pop. The North London-based trio joined forces in 2018 and have since been cooking up a musical storm in their home studio writing, recording and mixing everything themselves, all whilst drawing inspiration from the 90’s sound and aesthetic and pairing it with influences from a wide range of genres and artists including everyone from Kali Uchis to Tame Impala and Miles Davis.

The eclectic sounds of Galactic Dust are the meeting point between classic, soulful vocals, french-touch beats, disco bass riffs and effervescent guitar grooves. Their unique, indie, ‘sparkly’ pop sound was the inspiration behind their band name since their music is sure to leave you lost in a dazzling universe and their latest offering, ‘The Pizza Song’ is of no exception.

Drizzled in electric piano chords, slathered with succulently soulful vocals and paired with a sprinkling of shimmering synths, ‘The Pizza Song’ is a deliciously hot slice of contemporary, indie, electro-pop that pushes the boundaries of what pop music can and should be in the modern age. Dressed in a novelty exterior, ‘The Pizza Song’ is a playful and skilfully written allegorical track that cleverly and lightheartedly tackles themes of body image, female empowerment and sex, all under the guise of a simple, up-tempo pop song about wanting some pizza.

Revealing the meaning and message behind ‘The Pizza Song’ and music video, Galactic Dust explains:

“The pizza song is a track that melts humour with seriousness and self-derision with empowerment. It presents Noam in a leading role with sexy and liberating lyrics. She appropriates codes of seduction, explicitly expressing her desires, pleasures and weaknesses with no filter. The point of the song is to give Noam a voice that is not often offered to many female artists in popular music.

“‘The Pizza Song’ is fun, sexy, genuine, unapologetic and in-charge and Noam is the sassy frontwoman at the helm of it all, telling the boys what to do and defining the relationship in the way she wants to, with confidence, elegance, style and humour. The music video reflects our [Galactic Dusts’] will to disrupt the usual imagery attached to women in pop culture. The barrier between male and female representation is broken down in the video as the male band members are given traditionally feminine roles, supporting and backing their front-lady. The ‘pizza bath’ scene especially offers a vignette of us all and how we juxtapose sexual magnetism with humour and personality.”

With a focused collective vision and a DIY, out-of-the-box approach, Galactic Dust are a band that is fully in charge of their journey; steering their art, music and fashion exactly in the direction they want it to go, evolving their sound and look to the changing times. With a multitude of skills under their belt and a wholly unique outlook to songwriting and production, Galactic Dust continues to create authentic music that’s both fun and meaningful, perfectly striking the balance between playful and poignant.


Galactic Dust Bio:

Galactic Dust is an upcoming band from North London with a unique and playful indie-pop vibe created by Noam, Alfie and Mattia. Noam, a contemporary soul singer & songwriter & Alfie, a guitar player and producer, were the creators of the emerging DIY music group and were shortly joined by Alfie’s childhood friend Mattia on the bass. The three young musicians have been writing songs and playing together since 2018 and have shaped their sound greatly over this time, merging influences from classic R&B to Afrobeat & psychedelic rock and hip-hop into their songs. Galactic Dust’s sound pays homage to the different sounds and cultures a generation of 90’s kids were immersed in and exposed to when growing up.

The band spends most of their time in their home studio where they create all of their content. The band’s songs are all written, recorded and mixed on-site with each band member playing their part in creating the final product. Alfie takes charge of all digital artwork, photos and music videos whilst Noam, as a professional makeup artist with a passion for creating iconic looks, co-directs the overall image of the band alongside her partner. All of Galactic Dust’s creations are made entirely in-house by the hands of Noam, Alfie and Mattia, ensuring that their music is a display of their true and most authentic selves not just as individuals but as a collective too.

Noam, Alfie and Mattia spend a lot of time listening to music together and crate digging, hoping to widen their musical knowledge in order to make their sound even richer and more unique than it already is. After the successful release of their first two singles in 2020, the band received praise from the likes of Mystic Sons, Fame Magazine and When the Horn Blows.

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