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Canadian singer-songwriter Alex Frew is starting 2021 off with an awe-inspiring bang, bringing us his anticipated debut EP, Cobalt available on all streaming platforms and digital stores. Following his introductory singles, Get Out Alive, Antisocial Love Song and Something To Hold Onto Cobalt brings together the bittersweet beauty of adolescence in a captivating tone.

Alex Frew says of his debut EP: “I want people to feel a little bit bigger than themselves while listening to the project. I’ve always gravitated towards songs that made me feel boundless, and I sincerely hope that this collection can convey those emotions.”

Cobalt narrates feelings that most are afraid to talk about. From heartache, self-growth, discovering one’s self and the long journey to adulthood, Frew brings a mesmerizing array of lyrics to the EP that his continuously growing fanbase will resonate with. A distinct urgency to live life in the moment and appreciate the present is a pillar on Cobalt, bringing forth the importance of not getting caught up in things outside of one’s control.

Cobalt, comprised of six songs all pertaining to Frew’s intoxicating melodies, is truly a remarkable debut for him, showcasing his mature perspective and raw self-examination. Emotion and truth speak volumes in this EP and is done in a beautifully dark and dreamy production.

“Cobalt is the colour I associate to all of emotions and the entire sonic palette of the EP,” Alex Frew adds of the EP title. “Dealing with introversion, depression, substance abuse, and search for romance. The colour Cobalt represents the moody, blue emotion that inspired the creation of this project, and has stuck with me for the past several years.”

Alex Frew has pulled in global coverage with Mahogany Sessions, BBC BRISTOL, BBC GUERNSEY and BBC Radio 1 as “Best New Pop.” He has also collaborated with Cover Nation for a striking cover of Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight". To celebrate his second release “Antisocial Love Song” he performed a socially distanced show at Urban Outfitters’ Toronto location.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada Alex Frew gravitated towards music as an emotional outlet from an early age. He began playing piano at six, picked up the guitar at nine, and by the time he was fifteen, he was writing songs full of honest emotion. At a time when most of his classmates were focused on hockey tryouts and university applications, Frew was hard at work in writing sessions all over the city, crafting tracks with the likes of Lowell and Dragonette’s Joel Stouffer, who would become a steady collaborator and close confidante over the years.

“In the studio, we were always trying to find ways to capture the swirl of emotion that comes with that tragic feeling of being a teenager. We wanted to create something that could lift you up just as easily as it could bring you down.”

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February 26, 2021 10:55am ET by Olivia Rayner  

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