Mighloe releases high-vibrational single, ‘Don’t Call Me’ from her upcoming Desperate Times EP

A powerful statement about setting healthy boundaries.


Olivia Rayner

Emerging Canadian singer-songwriter Mighloe releases ‘Don’t Call Me’, the first single from her forthcoming EP, Desperate Times, produced by Dean Vision and LateNightDrive. On this record, Mighloe expresses the universal sentiment of reaching your breaking point that often leaves one jaded and weary of love.

When speaking on her inspiration she tells us:

“Writing ‘Don’t Call Me’ came from a place of being fed up. There are so many people that come in and out of our lives, and sometimes these people hinder our stability and sense of self. This song was my way of saying “enough!” I will no longer let these people take parts of myself. It’s me realizing that my energy is sacred and will not be disturbed. It’s the final “Fuck You” but say it politely. “Don’t Call Me.””

Mighloe makes a powerful statement about setting healthy boundaries, encouraging listeners to reclaim and stand in their power prioritizing the well being of our mental health. This is Mighloe’s first project with independent label, Public Records Inc.


Mighloe is a Toronto based singer & songwriter. A graduate of The Remix Project, and SOCAN incubator, the burgeoning artist has been featured on multiple popular R&B platforms such as R&B Radar, and EscapeTracks. Despite the lockdown in 2020, Mighloe’s magnetic live show led her to be commissioned to perform online for Flare Magazine’s Lilith Flare concert series, as well as streamed shows for Greater Toronto Area arts platforms Artscape TO, The Remix Project and Brampton’s The Rose Theatre. A dreamy and soulful recording artist, Mighloe’s vocals have the ability to soothe or cut to the bone depending on what the song calls for. A polymath who is actively involved across various forms of creative expression, Mighloe is a special talent that is proving herself one to watch as she begins to emerge on the world stage. Her new project, entitled Desperate Times, will mark her 3rd independent EP release - the first that will be licensed and supported by Toronto based record label Public Records Inc.

Source Olivia Rayner

March 16, 2021 12:38pm ET by Olivia Rayner  

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