Vedic-Afro-Futurist collective Krsnafari drop spiritually healing debut EP - The Last of Us


Olivia Rayner

Krsnafari are the London-based collective of creative, young, talented individuals who are striving to push positivity and transformation through the medium of art. All talented, religious healers in their own right, Nitaiji, Jahraswati and Satnav joined forces musically in June 2020 when they realised they all had a shared vision when it came to the healing powers of sound, believing that music can heal the wounds that medicine cannot.

Touching on genres ranging from hip-hop to tech, house, drill, RnB and reggae, Krsnafari are on a mission to spread a healing message of positivity through their music, incorporating ancient, spiritual mantras into their lyrics in order to harness their medicinal effects on the mind, body and soul. Their debut EP, The Last of Us is Krsnafari’s introduction to the world and a shining example of the trio’s ethos at work. Containing 5 carefully crafted tracks, dive deep and allow each message to truly land.

“Our mission is to use ancient mantras in music. Mantras are phrases & teachings that when repeated have lasting positive effects on the body and mind. This is what the industry needs, quality message music.”

A fully immersive, genre-defying musical experience, Krsnafari’s The Last of Us is a masterful work of art that weaves various musical influences together to form a rich and complex tapestry of sound. Touching on themes such as street crime, mental health and economic inequality, over modern hip-hop beats, reggae-inspired lyrics and soulful melodies, The Last of Us has a bit of something for everyone, from fans of Jamaica’s Chronixx to Ireland’s Reggie Snow.

“The Last of us EP is calling to all those that want to make a difference. The world is changing very rapidly and to accommodate for this new age we have to be prepared. Music is a powerful tool to reach people's hearts and it can heal the wounds that medicine cannot. We hope that this EP will be able to show people that we can’t sit back and let our inner demons win, we have the power to be the best we can be. Purity is the force.”

Source Olivia Rayner

April 22, 2021 7:59am ET by Olivia Rayner  

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